Typical fishing village, the tourist center of Camogli is known for its fishing port and the colorful buildings along the seafront.
It is also called the City of Thousand White Sailboats or Gem of the Golfo Paradiso.
The following tourist destinations are part of Camogli: Portofino Vetta, Punta
Chiappa, Ruta, San Fruttuoso, San Rocco, San Fruttuoso Mortola, Case Rosse.
The center of Camogli is located at the western tip of the promontory of Portofino, on the Riviera di Levante in Liguria.
Camogli owns the largest part of the Regional Natural Park of Portofino.
The water in front of the promontory belongs to the Protected Marine Area of Portofino.
With his exposure to south-west, Camogli offers unforgettable sunsets and its popular pedestrian promenade full of restaurants, clubs and shops typical shops, overlooks the beach.
Camogli is part of the "Riviera di Levante", a beautiful coastline that offers many charming scenarios, typical of the region, with olive groves and vineyards that stretch from Genoa to The 5 Lands.
The closest towns are: Portofino, Santa Margherita. Rapallo, Recco and Genoa.
Camogli has prehistoric origins (XII and XIII century BC);
There are traces of the second century Roman a.C.
In the XII century the castle of Dragonara was built to defend the seaside village.
From 1856 to 1888 its fleet consisted of 580 vessels, unique for that period.

Natural and historical beauties to visit:

On Foot:
• Regional Natural Park of Portofino

By boat:
• Abbey of St. Fruttuoso - Christ of the abysses
• Cinque Terre
• Portofino
• Punta Chiappa

Visit also:
• Church of St. Maria Assunta
• Castle of Dragonara
• Museum of the Navy
• Roman Church of S. Niccolò
• Shrine of Our Lady of the Grove

La Casa di Elisa - Via della Repubblica, 105-107-109 - 16032 CAMOGLI (GE) - La Casa di Alessia - Salita Favale, 5 - 16032 CAMOGLI (GE)
La Casa di Greta - Salita Pinetto, 15 - 16032 CAMOGLI (GE) - La Casa di Mamma e Papà - Via Aurelia 97 16032 CAMOGLI (GE)
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